Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nicknames, and don't call me Janey . . .

I don't know if everyone does this, but at our house all of our pets have 'real' names . . .and then there is what we call them. My over sized big border collie/moose cross is officially named Loki, but thanks to his very un-border collie-like lack of brains he mostly gets called Dumbledog or just dumb-dumb. My persian cat is named Cricket, but gets called Wiggle because she does the little kitty butt wiggle when she is happy.
Along with that, my girls both have nicknames that my Dh and I call them . . .in fact that is where "Little Bug" jewelry came from. My older tormentor, er, lovely 3 yo daughter, was and is my Little bug. In retrospect, it may have not have been the best, most representative name for my jewelry, since with the exception of one pair of ladybug earrings, there are no bugs to be found in my jewelry . . .but, it does represent a part of my life. In case you were wondering, my younger daughter is nicknamed "Boo", which as it turns out is perfect since she looks almost EXACTLY like Boo from Monsters, Inc . . .and I hadn't even seen it before I started calling her that!
As for myself, I've never really had a nickname that stuck. I despise Janey, the only person who is allowed to call me that, without getting punched, is my older brother.

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Silver Canyons said...

haha, very cute! I'll have to remember NEVER to call you Janey!