Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The joys of oxidizing

I have recently become obsessed with oxidizing everything , I even eye the cats every now and then ( . . don't worry PETA, I'm kidding). It is a relatively new obsession for me, just months old. But I have started to love how it can take a piece and add a rustic, antiqued depth and a whole new look to a piece. Example?
Pre- oxidizing, pretty cool ring, post oxidizing, cooler ring (IMO):

For this ring I used Liver of Sulfur, which I find gives me the best results with almost boiling, distilled water. I also love the instant effects of Silver Black, especially for other metals other than sterling. Before I started using those, I did try using the egg method of oxidizing, because I always prefer to use non-chemical, natural methods if I can, but just wasn't getting the effect I wanted.
What are your tips for oxidizing? Do you wear oxidized jewelry?

6 comments: said...

Love the ring after oxidizing!! It looks so much more interesting, like there's a story it wants to tell.


3 squares said...

i love the effect of oxidizing. LOS always gives me the best results, too.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh yes, I oxidize most everything. I'm in love with the contrast of light and dark when pieces are polished. That ring is gorgeous!

Beadsme said...


thebeadgirl said...

Great photos...great ring!

i do the liver thing...but i only use hot tap water...too lazy to go upstairs i guess. maybe i should try that!

thanks girl!

Rebecca - Fuchsia Bloom Studio said...

I used to use the chemical silver black all the time but stopped when I was expecting my daughter - now I just ordered some of the LOS gel and am eager to try it! I agree - some pieces just lend themselves to being oxidized.